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Teftery, an android application for attendances and payments using QR code technology

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

A small, simple and handy (I suppose) android app for keeping track students’ attendances and payments. Suitable for trainers, gyms, teachers etc.

With it you can create QR code images for every trainee/student, pass it to them and have the application to scan the QR codes when a lesson or class is about to start. It’s a fun and quick way to write down the absences (well… attendances) with almost no effort from the trainer/teacher!  My dance lessons teacher got rid of her notepad and pen and uses “Teftery” from day one!

For trainers who are trying to write down attendances and payments, Teftery provides an easy-to use mobile app
that helps them to record this info and share it, in whatever way they want, with their trainees.


Exploiting QR Code Technology, Teftery enables students to record their attendance in an efficient way,
saving trainer’s time and resources (e.g secretary in a gym’s reception).

The trainer may choose to share payment info, through weekly reports, with his/her trainees,
in order to avoid disputes over payments.

Business Intelligence services are provided for the trainer (e.g alerts on students who are missing lessons etc..)

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